Antique Gold Romain Ruin Micro Mosaic Bracelet

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This is straight out of my own personal collection. A gorgeous thing acquired many moons ago. As can be seen it is a hybrid of two quality gold bracelets of slightly different periods. 

The fabulous micromosaic is the oldest part of bracelet and would have been painstakingly produced (in Italy) in the 1830s by piecing hundreds of tiny coloured glass rods together (known as tesserae) to form this intricate and stunning view of the Pantheon in Rome.  

It has then been set in a black glass surround and then mounted in a fabulous high quality 15ct gold (tested not marked) Cannetille style frame which forms one end of the clasp. Both clasp ends have also been set with faceted black beads.  It is quite likely that the clasps were originally joined with woven hair which was very fashionable at this time even though it sounds gross today! The hair section likely perished and so was replaced with a length of a Victorian solid 9ct gold (stamped) Night and Day gate link bracelet. 

Night and Day bracelets were hand-chased on one side so they could be worn with the plain side showing during the day  or at night with the fancy side exposed – clever! 

 There is a slight difference in the colour between the two golds but not overly obvious when worn. 

 The mosaic has lost a number of tessera and the black glass background is cracked (see photos). This is how I purchased it and I have worn it in this condition many times over the years. It hasn’t deteriorated any further but perhaps to be safe it should be looked over by a jeweller just to make sure .  

The bracelet weighs 30.6 grams in total. 

It measures 17.3cm long (6 ¾ inches) WITHOUT the clasp tongue and 18.5cm or 7 ¼ inches with it. 

The rectangular 15ct gold frame surrounding the micro mosaic is 2.7cm by 2.4cm (NOT including the black beaded bit) The 9ct gatelink section is 11.5cm long by 1.5cm wide. 

Overall a stunning unique piece of antique jewellery.