Pair Of Rococo Patinated & Gilt Bronze Ewers c.1800

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This is the best pair of bronze any things we have

ever had the privilege to sell.

The workmanship is exceptional as can be seen

in the photos.

This is one of those times 12 photos is not enough!

They are Rococo in style and date

i.e. dating to the late 18th or early 19th century

and one thing is for sure they were definitely

produced by a master craftsman of the era.

The name Claude Galle comes to mind

but as he never signed his pieces and we don’t have

definitive provenance for them I can only say

they are just as good as anything currently

for sale on the internet in this category of item.


They are in fabulous original condition.

No one has tried to clean up the original gilded

(Ormolu) mounts or tried to polish the intentionally

darkened bronze bodies which is referred

to as Patinated Bronze.

They still retain the cup like inserts in

the necks of the ewers which is typical of

this sort of purely decorative jug-like

 item from this period.

The only minor defects is a shallow ding to

the body of one ewer – see photo 4

but it is VERY shallow and was hard to get

 a photograph of in reality.

Also two screws are missing under the base of

 one of them and at least one of the remaining  

screws is probably a replacement.

This enables the supporting foot of this one

to turn whereas the other one doesn’t.

This causes no problems to the ewer at all

but need to mention for accuracy of description.  

Close-up photos for perusal.

All in all, not bad going for heavy

200 year old decorative items which

often got dropped and badly dented etc.


This superb pair of ewers stand 28cm high

or 11 inches and 15cm wide or 6 inches

and weigh a hefty 1400 grams (3 pounds)

each so bear that in mind re postage costs.